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  • Nathaniel Richardson

    Nathaniel Richardson

  • Michael Donaldson

    Michael Donaldson

    I think and write about music’s place in the 21st century. Music industry mentor and blogger at 8sided.blog.

  • Neil Mathew

    Neil Mathew

    I write about business, finance, technology, art, and culture. Featured in The Startup, Level, Data-Driven Investor, Med Daily, and more. neilmathew85@gmail.com

  • Mynah Marie

    Mynah Marie

    Writer, musician, and programmer. I write personal essays about life experiences, creativity, and technology. Visit me at www.earthtoabigail.com

  • Lucien Lecarme

    Lucien Lecarme

    Writing inspiring stories to empower you to live a passionate and financial abundant life. Initiator of The Spirit of Crypto pub. www.patreon.com/lucienlecarme

  • Andy Steiner

    Andy Steiner

  • Michael Kaplan

    Michael Kaplan

  • Elizabeth Webster

    Elizabeth Webster

    I’m an attorney, a writer, and a boy mom. I write quasi-legal articles about the arts. My Twitter is @es_webster.

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